Meet the Staff

Ansumana Bangura

Ansumana was born in Kamakwie Bombali District Northern Province Sierra Leone. He grew up in a Muslim home.  When he became a Christian in 1997/1998 nobody talked to him.  He became a Christian because he had witnessed Christians forgiving, whilst Muslims found it difficult to forgive.

In 2002, Ansu settled in Freetown with his uncle to attend Albert Academy.  He joined Scripture Union and started preaching the Word of God during devotions.

In 2006/2007, when Ansumana began studying at Fourah Bay University, he realized he needed to serve God soberly. He joined Bible Study Union (BSU) SLEFES FBC and began going to conferences and mission trips to the remote parts of the country.

Ansumana began to volunteer tutor with WMFSL in September 2010.  Now he is a member of staff serving in the areas of administration and tutoring.  Please pray for Ansumana, that he may have the fear of God, be obedient, humble, and maintain pure and healthy relationships.

Isaac Balla Bangura

Balla was born in 1983, in Freetown. Life was hard for his family.  His father died when he was twelve years old.  He grew up with his elder sister and her husband who was a drug dealer.  This uncle introduced Isaac to drug selling and encouraged him smoke.

During the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) coup in Sierra Leone, Balla met with the number three man in the coup through his sister’s husband. This man was also an addict who made Isaac feel that it was OK to smoke marijuana. Selling and smoking marijuana was Balla’s occupation after he dropped out of school in SSS2 (11th grade).

While he was still in the ghetto, World Voices Sierra Leone spotted Balla.  Seeing that he had musical ability, they invited him to join them to record music in Conakry.  It was there he had his first encounter with Jesus.

Late 2006 Isaac came in contact with a missionary woman from Germany who helped him to know Christ. After two years, he started going to church. During a worship hour with ten missionaries from America, a brother from the team came to him and said, “God is calling you, ‘Isaac’, and he is telling his angels that you are his child.”  He got baptized and took the name Isaac.

After some time, he joined his church’s evangelism team and received a scholarship from the church to go to Bible College. And now, he is a second year student of the Evangel Bible College, studying theology.

Isaac met Jan Sassenberg in 2010, and Jan introduced him to the Kroo Bay Thursday outreach. Isaac loves going to Kroo Bay. A year and a few months later, Isaac was offered a WMF internship.  Among other things, Isaac helps manage the office and tutors Kroo Bay children.

Alafia Cole

Christian Alafia Cole was born on the 8th of August to a Sierra Leonean father and a Liberian mother. Unfortunately, they did not marry each other. Due to this, his mother thought it fit to go back to Liberia where she died in the brutal war.

While attending primary school, Alafia was left to his aunt when he was nine. Later he decided to live with his father and stepmother.  After graduating from high school, he received an institute degree in road construction.  Then he started working for the Ministry of Works.  This season of his life was very unstable for him, as he was bounced around from life on the streets to his aunty to father.

Even though Alafia came from a “Christian” family, he never had that deep feeling about who God is.  He did construction work for about three years and then started doing business.  When he was not working, Alafia would relax with his friends at a certain place, drinking alcohol, smoking, and taking drugs.  Then God sent a man there, who told them about God’s good plan for their lives. After promising the man to attend church several times, Alafia finally DID go.  At that first visit he made a commitment that he would serve God in that church.  A few years later he was ordained a deacon, and continues to serve and worship there to this day.

Alafia started volunteering with WMFSL in 2010.  Now he serves at the Lighthouse Coordinator.  He was recently married to the beautiful Alekeh.

Francis Davies

Francis was born on the 10th of April, 1979. He is married to Patricia Davies, and they have a beautiful daughter, Keyara, and a precious son, Caleb.  Francis came to know the Lord in 1997. Francis attended the Saint Edwards Secondary School from form 1-3 and later attended West African Methodist Collegiate School. In 2004, he began work with Rainbows of Hope conducting Bible studies, teaching literacy and numeracy, and doing counseling with youth on the streets and in detention centers. Then in 2007 he worked with PACES for one year counseling and praying with former child soldiers.  In 2008, he worked with City of Rest, a home for people with mental illness and addictions, as a counselor. He began volunteering with WMF in 2010 and joined staff a year later. Ever since Francis gave his life to Christ, working with young people has always been his desire.




Cami Goble

Cami grew up in Colorado.  Compassion welled in her heart at a young age, watching commercials for famine relief in Africa during Saturday morning cartoons.  As her Grandma Lorraine read Bible stories to her during occessional visits, Cami was introduced to God’s love.  Cami accepted Jesus as her welcoming Savior in high school when a friend told her of God’s love and plan for each person.  Hungry to learn more about God, she attended a Biola University, where she studied missions (B.A. ICS) and education (M.A. ED) and met lifelong friends.

Over the years Cami has had teaching opportunities is Namibia (WorldTeach), Papua New Guinea (Wycliffe) and Garden Grove (GGUSD).  Cami was a part of the Fall 2002 Servant Team in Nepal, where she learned much from Gautum and Reka Rai and Silas and Kimberly West.

Cami moved to Freetown in 2003.  Since then she has been working among Lighthouse youth, and assisting Noah with the Good News Club in Kroo Bay.  Cami serves the WMFSL community at Field Director.

During her sabbatical in 2010, she met Alan Goble at the Iona Christian Community in Scotland.  They were very happily married in September 2011.

Cami loves to dance, swim, cook, bake, read, hike, and watch birds.

Noah Tullay

Noah grew up with his father and his father’s family. Noah never met his mother and her family until February 2010, when he discovered that she is in Liberia. When Noah was 10 years old his father died. Noah dropped out of school, stopped going to church and lived with various friends on the street. In 1997, he received Christ after hearing a group of missionaries speak.

After that Noah returned to school and graduated from a bible school and secondary school. In 1999, in the midst of the Sierra Leone 10-year civil war the rebel invaded Freetown. The elders from my church decided to help in Kroo Bay so they created the Kroo Bay Good News Club. After a while, most of the church volunteers stopped helping, and Noah found himself alone in Kroo Bay, struggling to feed and teach more than 200 kids every week. In 2003, a friend brought the first WMFSL staff, to Kroo Bay.  Later, Noah decided to bring three boys into his home.

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