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Servant Teams
The Servant Teams are 4-month teams committed to serving Jesus among the poorest of the poor. It is an opportunity for young men and women to learn about the values of the Kingdom of God through community living, discipleship, internship, research, and ministry. Recognizing that Jesus is the only answer to the needs of the world, resume edit service Servant Team members will participate in outreach to those who are suffering. You can find more information about this opportunity on the WMF Servant Teams webpage.

Discovery Teams

The Discovery Teams are designed to expose believers to the reality of the poor through short-term mission experiences. These 2 to 5 week teams are intended to open the eyes and ears of Western Christians to the suffering of the poor. This exposure is intended to communicate the cry of God for the poor and the cry of the poor for God. Because of the high adminstrative demands required for Discovery Teams, we are only able to offer teams that are sponsored through a church or school. Please visit the WMF Discovery Teams webpage for more information.

Internships are designed for those who want to participate as a short-term volunteer for a specific purpose and period of time. We usually reserve internships for those people who are not able to participate on a Servant Team or Discovery Team, so check out those options first!


The Ministry Of WMF Sierra Leone Is Dependant Upon The Financial Gifts Of Churches, Organizations, And Individuals.

Giving from the United States:

Credit Card: Use the main Word Made Flesh website to pay by credit card. Please designate your gift to “WMF Sierra Leone”.
Check or Money Order: You may send your gifts in the form of check or money order with this form to the following address:
Word Made Flesh P.O. Box 70 Omaha, NE 68101
Word Made Flesh will receipt you for all gifts made by check or money order at the time of the gift. As a courtesy to you, we will also provide a year-end summary of giving.

Automated Deduction: You can set up automated donations from your checking account. It’s easy and our preferred method of giving because there are no processing fees when you give in this way. That means that more of your money goes directly to the people who need it most. Just download the form, fill it out, include a voided check and mail it to our office. Easy!

All gifts to Word Made Flesh are tax deductible. Many employers offer a matching gift for any employee’s gift to a charitable non-profit organization. Please check with your employer to see if they offer this service.

Giving from the UK:

Givenet-SUPPORT-button-SMALL-whiteWord Made Flesh Sierra Leone now receives financial gifts through Stewardship.  Please click on the following link to sign up and give.  (The whole process takes about five minutes the first time, and less than that for future gifts.)

If you are outside the United States or UK, and would like to give directly to WMFSL, please contact:

Cami Goble, Email:
Telephone: 00232 (0) 76 84 28 09

Kroo Bay Friendship Program

Provide us with some information so we can pair you with a child in Freetown.

How Financial Gifts are Used

You May Choose To Designate Your Gift To Several Different Areas Of Ministry:

  • Sierra Leone Ministry Fund – This fund supports the overall needs of the ministry in Sierra Leone
  • Alé Alé House of Hope
  • Sierra Leone’s Staff Members – please visit our staff page to learn more about each staff member

WMF and its Board of Directors honor the intention of every gift. However, as per regulations in the Internal Revenue Code for non-profit organizations, WMF cannot permit the receipting of charitable, tax-deductible gifts that are restriced by the donor for a specific purpose. If a donor gives to WMF, in with the Internal Revenue Service regulations, the donor releases all dominion of the donation.


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