Word Made Flesh Sierra Leone

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The Sierra Leone Word Made Flesh community seeks to love, serve, and accompany street youth and destitute families in Freetown. Our aspiration is that we all be transformed and freed as we are obedient to Jesus’ love and challenge. Through offering teenagers relationships built on mutual vulnerability and trust, along with leadership training, skills, and traditional education, we endeavor to bring God’s light, hope, wisdom, and peace to West Africa. Further, through hospitality and hosting servant teams, WMF Freetown hopes to be a reconciling bridge between the affluent Church in the West and God’s beloved poor in Sierra Leone.

A Brief History of WMFSL

The history of WMF Sierra Leone is primarily a story of God’s grace and faithfulness. You see, God has chosen the weak things of this world to confound the wise. Over the last ten years our community, a group of bumbling yet courageous and hopeful people, have endured much. Members from Sierra Leone, the United States and Germany have endured lying, stealing, sickness, abuse and harassment. ... read more

Lighthouse Center for Youth

WMF is heavily involved in Lighthouse, a program started by Sierra Leoneans to encourage and support children on the streets of Freetown. The Lighthouse youth meet each week for youth group, homework assistance, fellowship, prayer, Bible study and ultimate Frisbee and fellowship on the beach. Lighthouse youth hone their leadership skills as they help facilitate the Good News Club in Kroo Bay each week, and plan out reach events for their friends. ... read more

Kroo Bay Outreach

WMF is reaching out in creative ways to stop the grinding, dehumanizing cycle of begging and poverty that ensnares many vulnerable families in Freetown. Staff members listen and learn from their friends while trying to offer support in the form of prayer, micro-loans and business development that creates opportunity rather than dependency.... read more